It’s Never Too Late to Learn…The Piano

Know why you should take up piano classes as an adult:

Many people believe that our learning faculties deteriorate with age. Especially when it comes to playing an instrument, one as complex as the piano the common perception is that it is best learnt as a child. Many adults feel that their daily hectic lifestyles and stress does not leave room to learn anything new while according to others it requires a lot of remembering and the ability to memorize grows lesser with age. Strangely playing the piano can help with each of these problems and some more.

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Here are five reasons why as an adult piano playing is rewarding:

Improves the Memory and Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain’s ability to change and adapt with new training and experience. Piano playing improves both memory and flexibility of the brain.

Reduces Stress
Multiple studies have proved that making music or playing an instrument trigger biochemical stress reducers in our brain and lower stress levels. This is beneficial for those suffering from heart disease, type II diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

Joint Flexibility
The piano has 88 keys. Playing it involves the movement of fingers in different directions and continuous movement of the elbows. This keeps away most joint discomforts.

Improved Blood Vessel Function
Researches show that listening to happy music has a healthy effect on blood vessels. It makes people happier and results in increased blood flow.

Challenges and Achievement
Learning the piano poses continuous challenges and overcoming those results in an increased sense of self worth and accomplishment. It is a way for adults to experience growth as an individual.

It must never be forgotten that adults have some unique capabilities like developed logical and critical thinking skills, the ability to grasp complex concepts, developed attention spans, emotional maturity and highly developed communication skills. All these attributes are very important in understanding and playing music.
It is always a joy to play.. Our daily lives are filled with hazards, unforeseen events, tight schedules and daily routines. There is very little space for happiness and personal growth. In all this, music creates a window for you to explore your artistic talents and achieve self fulfillment. The piano is also a great way to make people come closer. So if you have always wanted to play the piano, or it is something that has recently caught your fancy, don’t give up on that dream.

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