How Chinese Enrichment Classes Can Help Your Child Love Mandarin

mandarin chinese enrichment classes in Singapore

Do you want your child to become fluent in speaking Chinese? If yes, you likely may have used different strategies to teach him about the language at home.

If, despite your best efforts, your child did not make much progress, you should consider sending him to a Chinese enrichment centre.

The tutors in the centre will be able to do a better job than you because they have years of experience under their belt and have successfully helped a lot of kids learn how to speak Chinese fluently.

As a parent, you may have the notion that sending your kid to a Chinese enrichmentcentre is overkill. But the truth is that it is not. As you likely know, Chinese is a difficult language to learn. To successfully teach your kid how to speak it, you have to go above and beyond in your efforts.

In this article, we are going to look at some ways attending a Chinese enrichment class can help develop a love for mandarinin your little one.

Playing and learning

Enrichment classes are successful at helping kids of all ages learn how to speak Chinese because of their unique approach to learning.

Unlike a regular class where students recite words and learn about vague theories, enrichment classes use play and fun activities to teach kids about Chinese. Most of the teaching that is done in Enrichment classes happens during playtime.

Enrichment centres have stuck to this method of teaching because it works wonders. In fact, a study conducted a while back supports this. The study pointed out that play can improve the memory of kids. And as you know, learning a new language involves a lot of memorizing.

Below are some of the fun activities kids engage in as they learn Chinese.

  • Singing folk songs
  • Playing interactive games
  • Solving puzzles in Chinese
  • Listening to stories  

Helping kids love the Chinese culture

Chinese enrichment classes can help instill the love for the Chinese culture in little kids because they teach both the language and the culture in their classes.

The tutors in these classes teach kids about the culture and art through folktales and brush calligraphy.

As students learn the rich culture, history, and myth and legend of China, they will develop a deep love and appreciation for the Chinese language.

The right language teachers

The teachers at Chinese enrichment centres are result-oriented and have the skill and expertise to help kids become excited about learning Chinese.  

Their spot-on teaching strategies can help kids learn how to pronounce Chinese words the right way. These teachers are passively planting a seed that will help kids develop a love for the Chinese language.


Sending your kid to a Chinese enrichment class is by far the best way to help him become better at speaking Chinese.

As mentioned above, these centres do a lot more than teach kids how to speak Mandarin. Their professional teachers can effectively use stories and a few other methods to help kids develop a deep love for Chinese culture.

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