Best Applied Autism Therapies for Children

child blowing bubbles at a field

Remarkably, the significant number of available autism therapies can help parents to reduce their children’s autism symptoms and abilities. Help in terms of autism therapy is available and accessible.

The (AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the parents to start treatment immediately after they get noticed autism symptoms in their children. In recent times, not only in Singapore but also the therapists all over the world prefer to follow the following best autism therapies for the children to lessen their disabilities.

Let’s learn about the top 5 autism therapies for children

  • Occupational Therapy

‘Occupational Therapy’ is quite helpful for autistic children. In the occupational therapy session, the therapists train the children to perform their daily tasks and activities. Like- wearing clothes, open the T-shirt’s button, ‘how to hold the fork in a proper way’ and others. This particular therapy aims to perform the tasks at school and playground with a child’s necessity and learning objectives.

  • Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for autistic children helps them to improve their communication and interaction skills. Also, it aids autistic children in developing their non-verbal skills. For instance, the therapist train the children to make proper eye-contacts, involve in a conversation, and understand body movements and physical gestures.

Notably, the autistic children can express their thoughts and views with the sign of pictures, symbols, and specific languages in the speech therapy training session. Over recent years, speech therapists work efficiently for autistic children to improve their verbal and interaction expertise 

  • Social Developmental Skills

Social developmental skills for autistic children can be applied in school, home, and or in a specific community. Here, the parents can be the active teachers for their children, and they can start teaching the social skills at their home. The objectives of social skills classes are to teach the child on ‘how to intact with others socially’ and ‘how to make social bonding with others.’ Here, therapists or parents teach autistic children through different role-playing activities. 

  • Therapeutic Horseback Riding

‘Therapeutic Horseback riding’ or known asHippotherapy,” teaches the children to make interactions with the animals. Here, the therapist trains an autistic child to ride on a horse to understand the reaction and the movements of the animal. According to research, the ‘therapeutic horseback riding’ is successful in improving the autistic children’s (aged between 5 to 16) social and speaking skills. In the same way, it teaches the children to make themselves less irritable and agitated.

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

This kind of autism therapy is helpful for the children, who can’t speak, face difficulties to understand and can’t comprehend anything. In this therapy session, the therapists use pictures to understand the activities and behaviorism to the children. PECS therapy is not applicable if the disable children don’t prefer to learn from pictures. According to scholars, the PECS can improve the communication skills of the disabled children, but can’t lead any active development in speech learning.

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