How Long Should Your Child Spend in a Nursery

While choosing the right nursery school for your child it is important to consider how much time your child would be spending in the nursery. It is no surprise the most children are sent to nursery schools from a young age. This is why there are so many nurseries and daycares around that have a range of timings. Some go on for two hours in a day while others can even be for the entire day. How do you then choose how much time is appropriate for the child?

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Studies show that the optimum time for a child to be in a nursery is 3 hours a day. Here are a few reasons why this timing is the most suited.

Shorter time away from parents
This timing allows the child to be away from the house and interact with other children while not being so long that they begin to miss their parents and start to make a fuss. This is very important as the child needs to be able to develop their social skills right from a young age but they are still dependant on their parents for most things.

Attention spans
A child that age has a very short attention span. This is why the teachers in the nurseries have to ensure that they are always kept occupied. This time span allows the teachers in the schools to plan out the activities that they will do with the kids in such a way that the child is always interested in what is happening and they don’t get bored or fed up of being at the school. This is important as they would make a fuss to come to the school if they are bored most of the time.

Time with parents
As the child is growing up it is important that they spend the maximum of their time with their parents but are still able to be a little independent at times. By having the child in nursery for three hours a day the child will be able to become more independent.

Children get tired easily
A child gets tired of 2-4 hours of activity therefore 3 hours of school is most appropriate for them. So unless the school has enough place for all of the kids to have naps it is best that they wear out the kids in the school and then send them home for nap time.

This timing is also helpful to prepare the child for kindergarten and for school later.

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